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(713) 416-7370

Commercial Litigation

Representing individuals and businesses in a wide variety of disputes in federal and state court.



Representing health care providers with transactional services, compliance review and litigation services.


Real Estate

Representing private and commercial parties in real estate transactions.


Commercial Contracts

Drafting and reviewing a wide range of commercial agreements for individuals and business.


General Counsel for Small Business

General Counsel for Small Businesses: Small businesses often have the same legal needs has larger companies.



Representing individuals and business in employment transactions, litigation, compliance, and general counseling.


“Feeling at the end of my rope, Brad stepped-in. He truly went above and beyond anything I ever expected. He really came through heroicly. I highly recommend him.”

- Jay Gillespie, Business Owner
“Attorney Bradley O’Neill is one of the brightest and most honorable and highly principled people whom I have known for over 10 yrs. He has performed exceptional work which I was very pleased with. I feel very fortunate to have found such a person as Bradley.”
- Gabriel Forrest

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Bradley on various transactional and legal projects. From corporate governance to litigation, Bradley’s integrity, work ethics, and professional etiquette have always been without reproach. He is one of the rare attorneys with brilliant business acumen, delivering well researched, sound, and very detailed professional recommendations. Bradley’s legal representation and contributions to our organization were unmatched, providing multiple strategic perspectives, with solid and well thought-out solutions. He is by far, the most friendly, timely, and responsive attorney, I have ever met throughout 20 years in the legal industry. I sincerely recommend Bradley for all legal, transactional, operational, or risk management projects/cases.”

- Sarah A. Lara

“You are Brilliant in what you do, and I am very happy with the service that you provided me! There is never a repayment for what you did!”

- Shary Mehri

“I highly recommend working with Bradley to avoid pitfalls most businesses fall into and to better understand the limitations of you business. I constantly seek his counsel for situations that arise with owning a business.”

- Ramon Gisbert

“I needed an issue settled with a previous employer. Admittedly, I was reluctant to get an attorney because I had never needed legal help before and thought I would be overwhelmed by the process. From the moment I reached out to The O’Neill Firm, I felt comfortable. The initial consultation was thorough. A firm plan was laid out, and, more importantly, I understood the direction we were going to take. Throughout the process, Mr. O’Neill was very reliable and always made me feel like my case was a priority. Mr. O’Neill would even follow up with me throughout the process to relay status updates. Once our case was resolved and I no longer needed Mr. O’Neill’s services, he didn’t just disappear. Brad really cares about his clients. On at least two occasions, he followed up with me to see how I was doing at my current employer. If you’re looking for legal help, I would recommend The O’Neill Firm.”

- Concetta Callahan

The O’Neill Firm, PLLC.

Located in beautiful downtown Houston, Bradley O’Neill proudly serves the City and State he has called home his entire life. Whether a Public Company, start-up or individual, Bradley has the experience and know-how, paired with tireless energy, to get the job done.

The success of the O’Neill firm depends on your success.

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